InShare App: Download Latest Version (UPDATED 2023)

InShare App offers a fast and convenient way to share files through your android smartphone.

You can send any file with the internal syncing between two devices. It is an incredible application that gives you instant access to the files you want to get from other devices.

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File sending and receiving works securely without getting exposed to other devices.

InShare App saves your productive time sending and receiving vital files from the devices. Once the sharing has started, the file will receive in seconds.

What is the InShare App?

InShare Application reduces the pain of sending and receiving the files from one device to another. There will be a time when you want to get a specific file transferred from your friend’s phone to your phone.

Sending a heavy file through online Applications such as email and messaging would require an internet facility. Also, email services have limitations in sending files to others. You cannot upload heavy files on the email.

InShare App solves this problem with the peer to peer technology. The two devices are linked together in the secure network.

When you send the file to another device using the InShare File Sharing system, the file data is securely encrypted.

So that anyone has access to the data without permission, they cannot read the data. Only the receiving device would read and act on the file.

This file-sharing Application permits you to send any files format and media files. Send documents instantly to other android devices. Application is super convenient to the users.

InShare App has become one of the popular Applications in the file-sharing category. The Application has achieved more than 10 million installs.

Application Package Information

Application NameInShare App
File Size10MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 and Above



How to Download and Install the InShare App?

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InShare Application can be downloaded using two methods. If you are willing to get the official InShare App, Please visit the respective repository according to your device such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery, and so on.

Then, install the App on your device, and you are ready to use it.

How to Download and Install the InShare App for Android?

Please go to the Google Play Store and search for the application by its name.

Then, locate the InShare File Sharing App from the search results and tap on the install button.

After that, let the device install the Application and within a few minutes, the Application will be installed, and you will be able to access it.

Find the InShare App icon on your home screen. Click the icon and start using it.

InShare App for PC and Mac

InShare is a mobile application and it is not available for Pc and Mac.

How to get the InShare App for IOS?

InShare Application is developed specifically for Android-supported devices. However, the ios version of the app is now available on the Apple App Store for you to download for your iPhones and iPads.

How to use the Application?

The use of the InShare App is relatively straightforward. The Application comes with easy-to-use navigation. All the features are placed on the home screen, so you do not have to spend time searching for the essential elements.

Once the App is downloaded on your device, open the Application. You will find the send and receive buttons on the home screen.

If you want to receive the file from the other device, click the receive. The device will start scanning the nearby devices. Check the other device for the device. Please select your device to pair them both into secure transfer.

After pairing both the devices, you will send the file from device A to device B through a secure connection. Send and receive the heavy files within minutes.

You can easily share App, videos, games, music, and documents through the InShare App. The InShare File Sharing platform gives you a fast transfer rate.

High-speed data transfer is 200 times faster than Bluetooth services. Your data is secure through encryption that gives you 100% data security while sending and receiving the files through another device.

Install the InShare Application on the PC and use it as a cross-file sharing platform.

File sharing was never easy before. The instant file transfer capability of the InShare Application saves a good amount of your time. It improves your productivity and gives you instant access to vital files.

Detailed Aspects of this File Sharing App

InShare App is not using Bluetooth technology to share and receive a file. The Application is built around modern technology that extends the reach and provides you faster data transfer facility.

The Application comes with faster and reliable services. The pain of heavy file transfer to a significant distance will never stop your job. InShare App puts a powerful tool in your hand to exchange the files without any trouble.

Now send the movies through one device to another without any trouble. Sharing ability helps you to connect with people and exchange information easily.

Build a network of people in your community who share interesting information with everyone. Everyone in your group would love to exchange interesting files, work-related information, and entertainment media with each other.

InShare App Features

Fast transfer

One aspect that makes any file sharing Application competitive is the file sending and receiving time.

Users are looking for instant file transfer services that quickly send and receive information. It’s all about improving productivity by reducing the time it takes to send and receive the file from one device to another.

In the corporate where you interact with many team members, a file share is most common in the workplace.

The InShare Application provides the tools that instantly share the file to the linked devices through a secure procedure.

Share any files

The InShare App supports a wide range of file types. InShare Application has no restriction for sharing the file type. Choose the file you are willing to share, and the Application will get it done within a minute.

Secure transfer

InShare Application does not compromise on the App sharing facility when it comes to security. It builds a secure connection between two devices.

InShare is the best Application to share certain documents with other devices. File transferred through the Application connect the other device through a secure platform. Only the sender and receiving device get access to the file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix InShare not device not pairing issue?

Please try to close the application and then try to pair the device you want to connect with.

How to pair multiple devices simultaneously in InShare App

Please go to the device paring option and select “connect with many”

How to update the InShare App?

You will receive automatic update notifications to the app dashboard.

Can I download InShare for the laptop?

Yes. you can please visit the Windows app repository to get the application.

Is there a transfer limit in InShare App?

There is no data transfer limit in this file-sharing App.